Mexican gray wolf (captive), © Wolf Conservation Center

More Wolves, Less Politics »

With only 97 wild wolves in the United States and fewer than 25 in Mexico, getting more captive wolves and their genes into the wild is critical to saving the lobo. So why have only four new lobos been released from captivity during the entire Obama administration?

Wolf, © Didier J. Lindsey

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

Grizzlies, Wolves, and the Endangered Species Act; Cameroon Takes a Stand for Elephants; Recovery of World’s Most Endangered Sea Turtle Falters; Defenders Says “Stop” on Solar Development; Wildlife Bills Move Forward in the California State Senate

Jaguar, © Barry Draper

The Long-awaited Return »

With one solitary jaguar back in the U.S., and plans in the works to move its conservation forward, could we soon see a real return of this long-absent native species?

Joshua Tree National Forest Sunrise, © Chip Carroon

From the Field: Celebrating our Public Lands »

Our public lands – refuges, forests, parks and more – provide us with so much. They serve as strongholds for wildlife, help protect sources of clean drinking water, and provide all kinds of opportunities for having fun in the great outdoors.

American Avocet, © Dan Walters

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

Vieques National Wildlife Refuge under Attack! Déjà vu — Izembek National Wildlife Refuge under Attack Again; Glowing gillnets may keep sea turtles safer; A Record Low: 100 Attacks on the Endangered Species Act