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  1. sheila

    I am a vegetarian, I don’t smoke, I don’t Drink, I don’t use the car, I move just by walk. I’m associated with a ONG that defends animals, and I try to live respecting the nature. I think it’s enough to learn to our sons and friends to respect the nature and all its aspects, because we are few people VS the big ones ( 7th sisters at the first place )and it’s too late to stop all the disaster humans done. I try to learn and educate people I meet to respect and to love nature and animals but if I could I would be the first one to do more to save the nature…

  2. Pam Moreno

    My husband and I are growing vegetables here in our yard. Also, we particpate with my family in a much larger country garden at my sister’s house.

    We own and continue to drive a 2001 vintage Toyota Prius with 152K+ miles on it. It’s a super good car and we will keep it indefinitely.

    We are serious recyclers and live in a very modest 1K+ sq. foot old farmhouse, circa 1920. It’s 1 bedroom + an office, with 2 baths.

    We regularly donate to environmental causes to preserve our planet.

    We have plans to build more veggie growing beds to decrease our grassy yard. This cuts down on using fossil fuels to cut the grass. We have also recently started composting all our kitchen green waste. Before that we would “dig it into” our gardening beds. We do the same for green waste from my mother’s house which is 1 block away.


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