BREAKING: Judge Upholds Endangered Species Act Protections for Polar Bears

Polar bears on sea iceGood news for polar bears!

A federal judge today upheld the Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision that the polar bear be listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, and continue to receive the protections afforded by the law. The designation had been in dispute ever since the Fish and Wildlife Service first listed the polar bear in 2008.

Jason Rylander, senior attorney for Defenders of Wildlife, said, “With significantly diminished sea-ice habitat and food supply, the life of a polar bear has never been more perilous. The challenge to survive only promises to worsen as climate change transforms the Arctic landscape at an accelerated rate. The court’s decision confirms that polar bears need protection in a warming world.”

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Climate change is melting polar bear habitat at an alarming rate, but there are still things we can do to save this Arctic icon. By taking immediate steps protect polar bears, we can keep them from disappearing from U.S. shores. Read more about what we can do to protect this Arctic icon.

3 Responses to “BREAKING: Judge Upholds Endangered Species Act Protections for Polar Bears”

  1. Sally Cadonau

    Kudos to the federal judge who made a stand for what is right! We can’t keep treating other living beings the way we do without having severe consequences. Thank you for the good news!!

  2. Marlena

    Thank heaven for the existence of this precious to wildlife federal
    judge who listed polar bears under ESA and giving a chance for this
    arctic icon to survive for the enjoyment of our children as well as our
    children’s children! Blessed you be dear federal judge!

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