Giving Thanks for the Next Generation of Conservationists

Eden RothIt’s always inspiring to hear from our young activists. A few months back, I met Eden Roth, a 13-year-old from Pennsylvania who launched Pillows 4 Pups to raise money to support the recovery of wolves. We introduced Eden and her project to you through our blog and Facebook. Well, the response to her efforts was overwhelming.

She had set a goal for herself to raise $300 for wolves by making and selling pillows. Well, she has been a busy girl. Since our blog story, she has raised $500 for wolf conservation!

Her mom said, “She sewed her little fingers off!”

We are so grateful to Eden for her commitment to wolves. Eden is a true “Defender” of wildlife!  With heroes like Eden stepping up and making a difference, I know our wildlife will be in good hands! Thanks Eden.

Read more about Eden Roth.

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Cindy Hoffman

, Vice President of Communications

Cindy Hoffman is Vice President of Communications for Defenders of Wildlife and a former senior public affairs specialist at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She has worked extensively on conservation issues including endangered species, national wildlife refuges and migratory waterfowl.
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