Joel Sartore’s ‘Biodiversity Project’ on NBC

Joel Sartore

Joel Sartore, National Geographic photographer, Defenders board member, and concered Nebraskan.

Defenders of Wildlife has been fortunate enough to welcome Joel Sartore ( to our Board of Directors this year.  His passion for wildlife conservation takes him all over the world and is prominently reflected in his photographs, which show the vast array of wildlife that are threatened with extinction and the beauty and uniqueness of each creature in a way that words never could.

Recently one of Joel’s ongoing endeavors called the Biodiversity Project was recently featured on NBC’s nightly news. Using his photography Joel hopes to make people understand that for many of Earth’s creatures, time is running out. Half of the world’s plant and animal species will soon be threatened with extinction.

The goal of the Biodiversity Project is simple: to show what’s at stake, and to get people to care, while there’s still time to save them.

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  1. Bradley Jones

    Would you please consider covering the plight of the Humboldt Marten? There are less than 100 of them left in the old growth redwood forests of California. They should be designated as an endangered species but the decision has been put of time and again. Please look into this and consider covering this story. At this point the public is unaware that this animal even exists and it could become extinct before they. No good photos or videos of this animal exist. Please help if you can:


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