Polar bear, © Hank Perry

Polar bear, © Hank Perry

A polar bear shakes off after a long back-rub against some fresh arctic snow, near Churchill, Canada, as it awaits the formation of ice on Hudson Bay and the opportunity to hunt seals. Canon 7D + Canon 600mm F4L. When i first visited this area ten years ago, the ice would have formed by early November. This photo was taken near the end of November 2011, with no ice in sight.

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  1. Hank perry

    Thank you Karen for your comment! It was a unique moment which found me waiting in very cold conditions for that bear to shake after the scratch which they will sometimes do. If you have not been to Churchill feel free to jump on my website and email me and I can give you some ideas on how to go there. It is a must to see– and the bears and the ice will all be gone in our lifetimes.


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