Wolf tracks, © Patrick Graham/Defenders

Wolf Tracks Offer Clues

(Update on yesterday’s post about a wolf pup found in central Idaho)

Suzanne points to wolf tracks by the side of the road believed to be those of the mother and siblings of the lost pup.

Good news! Defenders wolf expert Suzanne Stone and lead field technician Patrick Graham from our Wood River Wolf Project went out last night searching for the lost wolf pup’s family in the central Idaho wilderness. They were able to find tracks of what appear to be the mother and several other pups. The tracks indicate that the mother wolf was using the road to move her litter through Sawtooth National Forest where they were disturbed by human activity and the one pup got separated from his family.

In cooperation with Idaho Department of Fish and Game, our field crew is heading back out to search for the den site and hopefully find the rest of the pup’s family. Wolves travel fast though, so if they can’t be found on foot, it may be necessary to conduct survey flights to locate them by plane if possible.

In the meantime, the pup is still being fed and cared for by professionals and is expected to be transferred to a zoo later today.  Let’s keep good thoughts going for his reunion with his family.

Here’s a video Patrick took over the weekend of the pup at an animal care facility:

11 Responses to “Wolf Tracks Offer Clues”

  1. missy

    Please, please do not put him in a zoo, where he will be exposed to organisms to which he has no natural immunity. He should be cared for in a sterile environment free of exposure to germs from human’s pets via clothing & shoes. God BLESS the family that brought him to us and saved him from harm. LIGHTWORKERS are alive & well in Idaho today!

  2. Chili Freebird

    When and if you locate the lost pup’s mother and siblings do you plan to return the pup to the wolf family or is it too late for the pup at this point?

  3. KGD

    Why on earth are they habituating this pup to humans if the hope is to return him/her to his pack?

  4. missy

    Thank God his pack lives! We need to get the BIG media in on this (Time, wildlife & nature mags) The beauty and plight of this pup is SURE to bring Many fresh advocates on a worldwide scale to the reality of the disruption these hunts have caused! Anyonne reading this send a link to a favorable media outlet Now, While it is fresh!

  5. JLee

    My exact thought! He needs to be deathly afraid of humans…it could save his life one day!

  6. Dave Kolbenschlag

    I agree with KDG about the exposure to human beings. Too much of this will allow the pup, as an adult, to trust humans which is the worst thing at this time. Maybe we should send Salazar out to hunt for the family?

  7. Mark Olson

    It being Idaho I’m sure they’re probably dead (The Wolf pack) with their stupid laws of eliminating predators.

  8. Kanani

    The efforts to find his pack r awesome!
    However, why are you ‘playing’ with this wild creature!
    Shouldn’t every effort b made2 prevent bonding/imprinting?

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