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Stand up and fight for wolf conservation!

Well folks, it’s time to stand and howl for what is right. This is our one opportunity to tell the Fish and Wildlife Service in person not to strip most gray wolves of their federal protection in the lower 48 states. And it’s a chance for wolf supporters to make their voices heard across the west. Join Defenders for our pre-hearing events where you will have the opportunity to get the latest information, meet other wolf enthusiasts and rally for wolves before heading to the FWS public hearings. So let’s tell the FWS that it’s time to make sure wolves are recovered, not abandon ship midstream.


Denver, Colorado – The first hearing will be in Denver on Tuesday, November 19 at the Paramount Theatre. To ensure that the pro-wolf voice is heard, Defenders is working with our conservation partners to organize a training and rally at the Crowne Plaza Hotel prior to the hearing. Coloradans have such an important stake in wolf recovery and Defenders wants to empower our supporters to make their voices heard!

At the pre-hearing event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Defenders staff will give a presentation about what to expect at the hearing and provide tips on how to deliver effective testimony. We will conclude with an indoor rally with motivating speakers and wolf experts. There will also be refreshments, materials to make posters, a kids’ activity corner, and a chance to meet other wolf advocates.

After the rally, we will walk two short blocks to the official public hearing and ask that FWS finish the job on wolf recovery.

Photo courtesy of Michael Quinton/National Geographic Stock.

Photo courtesy of Michael Quinton/National Geographic Stock.

When: Tuesday, November 19th

Paramount Theatre
1621 Glenarm PL
Denver, CO 80202

Crowne Plaza Hotel
1450 Glenarm Place
Denver, CO 80202

3:30pm – 4:10pm: Training, Comment Writing and Q&A with Defenders Staff (Crowne Plaza Hotel)
4:15pm – 4:45pm: Save the Wolves Rally (Crowne Plaza Hotel)
5:00pm: sign up for comments (Paramount Theatre)
6:00pm – 8:30pm: FWS Public Hearing (Paramount Theatre)


Albuquerque, New Mexico – This hearing will be held at Albuquerque’s Embassy Suites on Wednesday, November 20, and will focus on the proposed changes in management rules for Mexican gray wolves. If you care about lobos and the crucial role that they play in our natural world, we need you to be there. Before the public hearing begins, join Defenders and other wolf advocates for kids’ activities and a photo opportunity with a life-size cutout of an actual Mexican gray wolf from the Wolf Conservation Center. You’ll also have the chance to talk to a retired school teacher who camps among the wolves, and join the Save the Lobo Sidewalk Rally. Even if you aren’t planning to testify, show your support for the wolves just by showing up!

When: Wednesday, November 20th

Where: Embassy Suites
1000 Woodward Place NE,
Albuquerque, NM 87102

4:00pm: Information, coffee, snacks and children’s art activities in the Ocotillo room
5:15pm: Sidewalk rally
6:00pm – 9pm: Public hearing


Sacramento, California – The Sacramento hearing will take place on Friday, November 22nd in the Golden State Ballroom at the Marriott Courtyard Sacramento Cal Expo. Join us for our pre-hearing event outside the Fairfield Inn, directly adjacent to the hearing location, where you will be able to rally with fellow wolf enthusiasts and hear from a variety of speakers including a predator-friendly rancher. Defenders staff will be talking about wolves in the Pacific West, where they are just beginning to recover, and a brief training will be given on what to expect at the hearings and tips for testifying.

Wolf supporters gather at the White House, howling for continued federal protections.

Wolf supporters gather at the White House, howling for continued federal protections.

When: Friday, November 22nd

Where: Outside Fairfield Inn (next to the Marriot Courtyard)
1780 Tribute Road
Sacramento, CA 95815

4:00pm – 5pm: Rally with supporters
5:00pm: Sign up to testify
6:00pm: Public Hearing


Pinetop, Arizona – The fourth public hearing, which will focus on the proposed changes in management rules for Mexican gray wolves, will be held in Pinetop on Tuesday, December 3rd,. If you care about lobos and the crucial role that they play in our natural world, we need you to be there. Before the public hearing begins, visit our hospitality suite to meet Defenders staff and other wolf advocates. There you can grab a snack, pick up the latest information, or ask for help with your testimony. Even if you aren’t planning to testify, you can show your support for the wolves just by showing up!

When: Tuesday, December 3rd

Where: Hon-Dah Conference Center
777 Arizona 260
Pinetop, AZ 85935

3:00pm: Hospitality suite is open until end of hearing
3:30pm – 5:00pm: US Fish and Wildlife Service Public Information meeting
6:00pm – 8:30pm: Public Hearing


Also, don’t forget to submit your comments telling the Fish and Wildlife Service that they need to finish the job in order for wolves to fully recover!


John Yeingst is Defenders’ Communications Coordinator 

71 Responses to “Stand up and fight for wolf conservation!”

  1. Janet Sorenson

    Some people believe that only species useful to man should be preserved. For people who view nature this way, wolf actions beneficial to humans can be used as rationales to preserve the wolf.

    Like dogs, wolf packs need to be regularly taught the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior around humans, pets and livestock. Thus, the naive view that wolves don’t ever need to be controlled is clearly wrong. However, even more incorrect is the view that all or most wolves in an area should be exterminated. Communities that exterminate wolves lose the important contributions that these predators make to economics, public safety and public health.

    The value of wolves has been assessed entirely from a human perspective. However, to be fair, we must also look at wolves from other viewpoints.

    Many critics argue that it is wrong to judge wildlife simply in terms of whether or not they are useful to man and fit into the human agenda. They point out that what is useful and valuable to humans often changes with time. Therefore, if we base preservation of other species on the shifting sands of human desires and interests, nothing in nature will ever be safe and our attempts to save endangered species will ultimately fail.


    Wolves and other predators are sooo important to our chain of life. It’s not just for their beauty we need to save them. Predators multiply at a much slower rate than their prey: rabbits and rodents multiply at an astonishing rate when not checked. They demolish vegetation and eat crops and when not enough predators around wreak havoc with the ecology and farmers. Wolves are truly the farmers friends and it is so sad that this is not commonly understood.

  3. Diana

    I am so sorry I can not attend, but trust me I would really like to see the faces of these poor excuses of human beings. It is so sad and disgusting what they are doing. Seriously what have these wonderful creatures of God done to deserve such a harsh and cruel death. Watching as their family is wiped out, how would these a$$holes think if someone made them watch as their family was being slaughtered. Things need to change, wolves have been put here for a reason, to keep the population of other animals at bay. I feel so much sorrow for them can’t we just co-exsist


    Please… stop the senseless slaughter of such majestic creatures. Their history of survival and spiritual ties to us and Gaya prove their worth…Shame on us if we continue down this wicked path… Blessings on the wolf…blessings on Gaya.

  5. laurie timm

    We need to stop making species extinct. Are we really willing to risk losing wolves too? How can we say we are a caring society when we keep killing off all of the animals that God put here for a reason! Please keep our wolves alive and safe!

  6. Helen Harris

    I’m writing this email in the hopes that the u.s government will bring in laws that will protect not just these magnificent animals the wolves but also all.
    We are at a cross Road where we can continue on a pathway filled with ignorance and hate and the blatant torture destruction of our animals that we share this world with.
    We have morally a responsibility to ensure that all our animals have the respect and the protection that they deserve.
    Please I am so concerned and compelled by what is happening all over the world that I truly believe if we don’t stop our world that we love Will no longer ….
    We are killing off animals that are close to becoming extinct. We are loosing this battle world wide everyday because of our own selfish belief of greed money power. ..
    We need to stop now.
    Start by saving the wolves.
    Regards Helen harris.

  7. Alexandra

    Man, this animal is called intelligent, who know that destroy the environment when it is not itself.
    The human being is evil in person!
    Time will come when there will be no wild amimaux then spell the end of humanity…is near death knell elsewhere.

  8. Amy Thomas

    I hope my voice will be heard loud and clear: Stop The Wolf Hunt! The Wolf Hunt is not based on science. The wolf hunt is based on hunters wanting to hunt down Elk. Elk are the natural food source for wolves! Wolves have a right to exist. Why should one species have more rights than another? Elk populations are recorded every year in most states. Elk hunters have killed record numbers of elk. Look in the newspaper not in hunting magazines. Wolf hunters use the most savage means possible to kill wolves. Wolves are left in traps and snares for long periods of time, tortured, and then killed. Wolves are run down over miles after miles by snow mobiles, shoot shovel shut up sound familiar? Humans do not eat wolf meat but hundreds are killed each year. Beheaded wolves are strung up on fences! When will the brutality end? Check out the horrible pictures on Facebook. It disgusting what our government has done to wolves! Stop the Wolf Hunt! I wish I could be in attendance. I live in New York State, we have no wolves here. I see wolves in a tiny enclosure in a zoo. That will happen if nothing is done to stop the wolf hunt. Wolves will only be in zoos or in sanctuaries. Behring bars for their own safety.

  9. Diana

    These beautiful animals need our protection. We have lost so many animals already due to poaching, hunting for sport, and what ever else has been done to hurt animals. It is just not right that so many of our animals are at the brink of extinction, do we really want to add 1 more. I think wolves are such beautiful animals and it seems all people want to do is kill them. Farmers need to do something as well. they need to put safeguards in to protect their livestock. It’s just not right to delist these animals. Let’s start protecting and stop killing our animals. When the next generation of kids grow up they will never get to experience the beautiful animals we have seen. It will eventually become a country without wild animals. Maybe this is what some people want, but I surely don’t’, I love all animals and think they are all beautiful in their own way. Please don’t delist the wold.

  10. Debra Geymayr

    Simple…learn to co-exist with other species on this planet. They have just as much a right to be here. There are ways to prevent unnecessary killing. We know it, just need to implement it. Wolves can avoid ranchers property and we can avoid confrontation and killing. It has to Stop! Save the Wolves, Protect Wildlife.
    Debra Geymayr
    Miami, Florida

  11. Nicole johnson

    We are losing way too many species at our hands! The wolf is a symbol of our beautiful continent. My daughter can’t grow up in a world where everything is dying around us. Let’s help put an end to the ignorance and realize what our ancestors knew for thousands of years, we all need each other to survive!

  12. joseph carle

    There is a natural order to this world and the Wolf is an integral part of that order. They were placed on this earth for a reason by a power greater than ourselves. Now that we ( humans) have already messed with the lands, the animals and everything else,that the wolf needs to survive, causing it to be forced to survive any way it can, we want to get rid of it because we are scared of it. When someone or something threatens us, don’t we defend ourselves. We protect people who are weak and can’t speak for themselves, why not animals..

  13. Phyllis Minott

    When will we humans understand that the wolf is essential to a healthy and balanced environment? God created the wolf for a reason, and humans, who believe they know more than God, have succeeded in nearly wiping out these magnificent creatures because of ignorance and unfounded fear. Their intelligence and loyalty to family is legendary. Our government is currently trying to revert back to the stupidity of the 1900’s by delisting the wolf and supporting wolf hunts to protect the hunting community and ranchers who want things to return to the “good old days” when the top predator was not around. The wolf was revered by the native Americans who knew how important it was to preserve the balance of nature, something modern man has forgotten. Stop the killing.

    Phyllis Minott
    Fort Myers, Florida

  14. Diep

    When are people going to realise that everything is here for a reason, we have to live in harmony with the earth and its eco-system, instead of trying to control it and make it fit our -ego , business plan, or view of how life should be . i appreciate this is not so easy for the people who’s lives are affected by wolves .
    But my fear is if we don’t take stock soon and look at what we are doing to our home (earth) by wiping out anything we decide we don’t like or want we are going to end up with no life ourselves left to defend .

  15. Cmdr. Humphrey M. Dimitrov

    Wolves are to be protected.

    They have given us so much. Wolves gave us dogs and we need to respect that. They gave us thousands of years of happiness with our dogs. Dogs are descendants of the wolf and are loving, kind, and friendly. We owe them so much and I believe that they should be granted the utmost respect.

    They can offer you love and a wonderful family if you just gave them the chance and take the proper steps. They have so much more to offer. Save our wolves.

    For those who are still wondering why to help our wolves.

    Wolves at least offer you something and some interest. They are beautiful creatures just as important as any other.

    Even more so.
    They keep our forests from being eaten up. Deer, Elk, and Moose and other plant eaters all eat up that beauty. Wolves keep the perfect balance in the animal kingdom.

    Wolves are in the top 5 of the most beautiful creatures out there.

    They can be friendly. There have been incidences where people have run into a wolf pack and instead of being attacked, they were greeted with nuzzling, licking and playfulness. :)

    Here are links to prove it:

  16. Mandy Stewart

    Wolves have evolved over millions of years, they are valuable in maintaining balanced ecosystems. They have a right to be protected. What right do we have to snuff them out?

  17. betty musetto

    when my sister was 9 years old she became lost in the allegheny mountains in Pensylvania. After she was found, she said she saw a lot of “dogs” that stayed with her until she found a road and was picked up by a passing car. We believe the dogs were wolves and were protecting her. she was not frightened of them. we need to protect these beautiful animals.

  18. wolf_alpha_to_the_max

    Save these awesome creatures! We are the monsters not them!we kill for fun not to live or survive.we torture animals and laugh saying its good for us? Humans are monsters that do not know the right from a baby who cannot make its self understood,angry and taking it out on the beauty of mother nature.NO MORE!hear this call and head of to war for the freedom of animals like wolves.god save nature…’~’

  19. Kevin

    Wolves have the right to live in this planet just as much as we and any other creature do , we must save the wolves , if we don’t do this we’ll be killing ourselves .No other creature in this planet is greedy like human beings , no other creature kills for fun and profit like we do , wolves are not dangerous they are just wolves , we are dangerous oh yes .

  20. Pam Ride

    Please leave the wolfs alone. There ment to be here. They were here before us. The whole ecosystem would be out of balance .God put them here to keep a balance on life . We need them so we can haveour children to enjoy nature like us . There not big bad wolfs .I know ive been around one in the wild .They can coexsistwith us and you can learn how to protect your live stock .We do re killing for sport then any other animal out there were worst then those wolfs .We need them just like all the other animals .Please leave them live there part of us and all good things in this world .


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