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Holiday Cheer


The Wolves’ Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the eve before Christmas
And to Santa’s dismay
Came such an icy storm
The reindeer couldn’t budge his sleigh.

As Santa paced and worried
And elves began to scowl
‘Rose a song through the wind:
A wolf pack’s mighty howl.

From the thick of the storm
O’er deep snow on big padded feet
Came eight silvery wolves
Ice and wind could not beat.

Santa’s mouth hung open for a blink
As the wolves lined up in front of his sleigh
Then he sputtered to the elves
“Well… let’s be on our way!”

Santa thanked each wolf
As the elves finished loading the last gift
Then he sprinkled them with fairy dust
Chuckling, “That’ll give you the lift.”

“They won’t believe this in Idaho..”
He laughed, a merry twinkle in his eyes
Then the elves harnessed the wolves
And they took to the skies.

On Lightfoot! On Blacktail! On Windswift! On Howler!
On GreenEyes! On MoonSong! On Hunter! On Prowler!
The wolves’ eyes glowed as they leapt through the storm
Santa wished his own coat could keep him as warm.

That night the wolves even taught Santa to howl
An ancient song filled with hope for Peace and Joy
That this season may bring for all Life on Earth
As they left special gifts for each girl and boy.

‘Twas that eve before Christmas
Santa will always fondly remember
When wolves rescued his mission
That stormy December.

© Suzanne Asha Stone, 2013

21 Responses to “Holiday Cheer”

  1. Nancy Nett

    Wonderful poem. I hope and pray that those wishing to harm wolves will have a change of heart in the new year.

  2. Elaine B

    I LOVE THIS! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! My Christmas wish is that humans learn to live and let live!

  3. Rachida el Kaddioui

    Beautiful Poem, can somebody please send it to Idaho’s newspaper before the wolf and coyote slaughter contest (Idaho’s chrismas festivities) begins!!

  4. Lyn Cowper Pollard

    Well done Suzanne! We once had a wolf/husky cross rescued (kidnapped) from being destroyed many years ago. To those people who think wolves are cold, calculating and heartless beasts I wish they had known our Bootsie. She didn’t look like a wolf until she grew old, and we kept quiet about it until she was gone. We didn’t trust that people would understand the deep love their hearts can contain. Your poem made me think of and miss our Bootsie.

  5. Tony Bird

    The world condemns poachers in Africa for the destruction of wild life, the Chinese for Sharks Finns and eating dogs Yet the one of the world great nations is no better even worse hypocritical.

  6. Geri H

    Okay, call me a sap, but, that was beautiful and it made me cry :). Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people who help all these magnificent creatures of the wild.

  7. Michael A. Stumpf

    This poem is a work of literary art, which is a fresh new perspective on a changing world.

  8. Jack Elliott

    A Christmas Eve prayer:

    God give our leaders the wisdom to protect the wolves from senseless slaughter.


  9. Sheri Bandy

    Thank you in memory of Wayne Robinson, who because of his love, am your ardent supporter.

  10. Patricia Long

    I like the holiday poem and I am very much against the destruction of these beautiful wolves!


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