2014 photo contest

Last Week to Submit Your Photos!

Defenders 5th annual photo contest is now in its final week, but you still have time to submit your best wildlife and wild lands photos for a chance to win a trip to Yellowstone National Park with renowned wildlife photographer Jess Lee!

This year’s entries have been fantastic and like every year, it is truly going to be tough narrowing them down. We really appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into getting some of these photos, so we wanted to pay tribute to some of the amazing submissions we received last year. Again, we can’t thank you enough for your participation in our contest and without you, none of this would be possible.

So sit back, relax and enjoy some fantastic photographs of wildlife and wild lands! Once you’re done, head to our submission page for your chance to win a trip to Yellowstone National Park and other great prizes!

Pika, © Vaughn Cottman

This pika was chirping loudly at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Medicine Lake, © Ron Paul

This photo was made at Medicine Lake at Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies. I had been to this spot several times during multiple trips to this region hoping to capture a sunset over the lake. Of the many times I visited and camped out at the site waiting for the right moment to occur, only once did I witness this dramatic sunset. (© Ron Paul)

Stream, © Trisha Flaherty

Unnamed stream in Smokey Mountains National Park.

Marmot, © David Krantz

Hoary Marmot at Glacier National Park.

Polar bear, © Hank Perry

A Polar Bear (ursus maritimus) takes a moment to scratch against a colorful bush in an otherwise bleak and cold arctic landscape, near Churchill, Canada. Photographed from a tundra buggy in a blustery snowfall. (© Hank Perry)

Cacti, © Craig Bill

Taken in Saguaro National Park at sunset. Image is of a "forest" of saguaro cacti. (© Craig Bill)


This gecko was photographed while walking on a leaf (© Gerardo Poveda)

Caribou in Denali, © Lawrence Metz

Caribou in the Fall and Denali National Park (© Lawrence Metz)

Owls in nest, © Elvira Butler

Great horned owl and two owlets (not yet flying) in Tucson, Arizona (© Elvira Butler)

Sea otter, © Don Henderson

Morro Bay, CA (© Don Henderson)

Clash of the Titans

I was lucky to witness this playful fight between two of the bigger bucks in the NCC Greenbelt in Ottawa, Canada (© James Cumming)

spring cubs

On a rainy day at the southern edge of Lake Clark National Park in Alaska, these three siblings may just have seen their first humans. Being so young and so small, I found myself hoping they would make it through their first winter. (© Michael Caroff)

Red Fox Kits, © Mary Lee Agnew

Red Fox Kit Pouncing, taken in Milwaukee Wisconsin by the shore of Lake Michigan (© Mary Lee Agnew)

Glacier National Park, © Adam Jewell

Clouds, Fog Calm Winds And Sunrise Combine To Create A Stunning Sight At Fisher Cap Lake At The Many Glacier Section Of Glacier National Park In Montana. (© Adam Jewell)


Looking up through the top of a northern Arizona sandstone slot canyon. (© Craig Bill)

Cascade Fox Kit, © Cindy Tucey

This cute baby fox is a rare Cascade fox (vulpes vulpes cascadensis), currently found only on Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams in Washington state. (© Cindy Tucey)

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  1. Natalie Shuttleworth

    So many great photos of magnificent wild critters and gorgeous wild places – still available to us. We need to work hard to preserve them in the face of the relentless onslaught of humans – too many of us. We should also put more focus on the issues of our species overpopulation and need to consciously reverse the trend before war, plague, pests and climate change do it for us.


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