Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up: 02/17/2017

Your weekly roundup of wildlife news from across the country.

How much do you know about whale species?
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) celebrated Whale Week this past week with some fun facts about the different species of whales.

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Helping Coal at the Expense of Climate and Species:
On Thursday, President Trump signed the repeal which rolled back a regulation that protected streams from mining pollution and our climate from greenhouse gas pollution to help ease burdens off of coal mining companies.

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Feather River Fish Hatchery:
There is great news coming out of California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife as they were able to save 9 million fish!

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Rethinking wildlife laws:
A victim of a recent bear attack is launching an effort in New Mexico against the laws that require wildlife officials to kill animals that attack humans in the wild.

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Endangered turtles smuggled into US labeled as snacks:
On Monday, a man pleaded guilty for trafficking turtles that were federally protected under the Endangered Species Act.

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Conservatives address the threat of climate change:
On Wednesday, the Climate Leadership Council announced their plan to increase a tax that would put a price on carbon dioxide emissions.

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