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Defenders Mourns Tragic Loss of David Gaillard

On New Year’s Eve, Northern Rockies Representative Dave Gaillard died tragically in an avalanche while cross-country skiing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Defenders’ David Gaillard Goes Lookin’ for Grizzly Bears

Defenders of Wildlife’s David Gaillard spent a weekend in the Centennial Mountains looking for signs of grizzly bears. If conclusive evidence is found, it can be used as leverage for managers to maintain this important wildlife corridor to keep grizzly populations connected.

Two More Tributes for Dave Gaillard

The Montana wildlife commission and a local 6th-grader honor the memory of David Gaillard with a formal resolution and a fundraiser for endangered species conservation.

Remembering Dave

IN MEMORIAM: Reflections on the great conservation work of David Gaillard, carnivore expert and wonderful human being.