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Fiscal Cliff Deal: The Good And The Bad

The good news: Congress and the President managed to reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff!
The bad news: It’ll only last until March. Then what?

Pushing Wildlife Off the Fiscal Cliff

If Congress can’t reach a budget deal, many of the programs that protect and support our wildlife and wild lands will be cut back or abandoned.

Refuge in the Forest

Refuges aren’t the only public lands vital to wildlife — our national forests provide havens for any number of threatened and endangered species. That’s why we have to make sure that the programs that keep national forests healthy for wildlife are kept, not cut.

Protecting Wildlife From Poison

When an oil spill or chemical leak threatens our nation’s wildlife, this program is there to investigate the cause, restore habitat, and prevent future incidents. Now its already-stretched budget could be cut even further, begging the question: when the next spill happens, who will be there to clean up the mess?

Preserving Grace and Beauty in Our Skies

Migratory birds are a vital part of ecosystems across the U.S. and a boon to the economy. But the program that protects these winged visitors from disease, abuse, habitat loss and other threats is on the verge of being cut. You can help by taking action!