Aimee Delach

Senior Policy Analyst, Climate Adaptation
Aimee develops and analyzes policies to help land managers conserve and protect wildlife from the effects of climate change, including Arctic species and aquatic animals and ecosystems.

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pacific sunset, © Robert Dietz

2015 was the Hottest Year on Record »

The data is in, and the news isn’t good: 2015 is officially the planet’s hottest year on record. This is bad news for wildlife struggling to adapt to rapid changes, people who’d prefer to avoid horrific tropical diseases, and anyone living near sea level.

Apollo Beach power plant

We’ll Always Have Paris »

The leaders of the world this weekend took one of the biggest steps in history to protect our planet and its wildlife heritage.

Pronghorn antelope, ©USFWS

Wildlife We could Lose to Climate Change »

The spectacular diversity of creatures that share our warming planet also have a lot at stake in this week’s climate negotiations. If climate change is left unchecked, it could threaten one in six of the planet’s species with extinction.

Arctic sea ice, ©NASA

All Eyes on Paris »

While you won’t likely hear much about wildlife during these talks, this conference may very well determine whether the world can stabilize the global climate at a level that allows biodiversity—not to mention human civilization—a fighting chance at survival.