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Condor, © Scott Frier/USFWS

Show Some Love to the Ugly and Endangered »

Not every animal is going to win a beauty contest. But all of them are important, and they all deserve a chance at survival. So with Valentine’s Day approaching, let’s show a little love for some of the species that may not be the prettiest, but need our help all the same.

Grizzly Bear Yellowstone, ©Sandy Sisti

The Grizzly at my Door »

Last week, we shared an interview with Patti Sowka of the Living with Wildlife Foundation and the IUCN Bear Specialist Group Human Bear Conflict Expert Team, in which she gave us an inside look at what it takes for a product to be officially “bear-resistant.” Today, we have the story of the encounter that drove Patti to pursue a career in making it possible for bears and people to share the same landscape.

Pronghorn antelope, ©USFWS

Defenders Celebrates National Wildlife Refuge Week »

Here at Defenders, we love our wildlife and public lands, especially the National Wildlife Refuge System, the only federal lands system dedicated specifically to protecting wildlife and its habitat. Our staff work all over the country to advocate for some of our amazing refuges and the vital role they play in our conservation work.