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Time out on Arctic offshore drilling needed »

Today, conservation and Alaska Native groups headed to federal court to legally challenge Shell Oil’s plans to drill in the Arctic Ocean this summer. Leases to drill in the Arctic Ocean’s Chukchi and Beaufort seas were approved by the federal government in October and December of 2009 and authorize drilling to begin as early as… Read more »

Eerie normalcy »

On a late afternoon walk in Bon Secour NWR an eerie normalcy prevails in the upbeat melody of birds and frogs. This is the first day of a three day trip with Defenders of Wildlife to document the coastal wildlife habitats of the Gulf, before and after the impending resolution to the mass of oil accumulating from an exploded offshore oil rig.

Don’t sacrifice this opportunity »

Faced with what threatens to become one of the greatest environmental disasters this country has ever seen, to demand anything less than a complete reevaluation by the administration of future offshore drilling plans would be to forfeit our rights as Americans and stakeholders in some of the nation’s most treasured lands.

Lieberman fails to see the light on drilling »

Sen. Lieberman said of the Gulf spill, “I mean, accidents happen. You learn from them and you try to make sure they don’t happen again.” He said the draft bill would allow drilling as close as 75 miles from U.S. coastline.