Erin Edge

Erin Edge

Rockies and Plains Associate
Erin Edge is the Rockies and Plains Associate for Defenders of Wildlife. Erin is working to reduce human-related grizzly bear mortalities in the Northern Rockies. Her work includes working closely with landowners to identify and secure anthropogenic food resources on the landscape, thereby minimizing bear-human conflicts and mortalities.

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Grizzly bears, © Todd Mintz

Grizzly Bear Recovery in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem – It’s Complicated »

The Service recently announced it is taking additional time to conduct a thorough assessment of threats facing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s grizzly bear population before issuing a draft delisting proposal. Initially expected this spring or summer, we likely will not see a delisting proposal for Yellowstone bears until the end of this year, after the Service has had time to conduct this analysis.