Eva Sargent

Southwest Program Director
Eva oversees Defenders' Southwest office in Tucson, strengthening and promoting the diverse programs in the region, and working on species like the Mexican gray wolf, jaguar, and cactus ferruginous pygmy owl.

Posts By: Eva Sargent

Baby Ocelot, © FWS

There’s a new kitten in town: Baby Ocelot brings hope to struggling population in Texas refuge »

The new kitten in Texas has a special place in our hearts because several years ago Defenders helped revegetate habitat needed by ocelots in Texas and worked to stop the Border Patrol from removing vegetation and installing huge lighting arrays, which would have fragmented habitat and potentially disrupted ocelot behavior. These days, we continue to work to protect ocelots and jaguars as they struggle to recolonize their habitat in the U.S.

Mexican gray wolf, © Jim Clark/USFWS

15 Years of Mexican Gray Wolves: Celebrate or Sob? »

Nearly 15 years ago, Mexican gray wolves were reintroduced to the wild and given a second chance at survival. But today these endangered wolves are still on the brink. So we’re calling on the USFWS to take action to secure a future for Mexican gray wolves before it’s too late.

Mexican gray wolf, © Jim Clark/USFWS

Lobos Counting on the FWS »

The numbers are in! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has the official count of Mexican gray wolves in the wild this year – but it’s not enough to get these endangered wolves back on the right track to recovery.