Jason Rylander

Senior Staff Attorney
Jason litigates cases across the country involving endangered species and habitat protection. His work has included cases on gray wolves, grizzly bears, piping plovers, pygmy owls, red knots, and other imperiled species.

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Utah prairie dog, © James Phelps

Worth Defending »

Court cases and a new proposed bill seek to remove ESA protections for any species located only in one state, a position that would cripple the protection of endangered and threatened species and would give free reign to economic pursuits, no matter the cost to our nation’s wildlife.

Polar Bear, © Ralph Lee Hopkins / National Geographic Stock

FWS Fails Polar Bears Again »

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has said that climate change is the single greatest threat to polar bears. So why have they passed a new rule stating that federal agencies don’t have to take climate impacts or carbon emissions into consideration when planning a project that could affect these bears?