Melanie Gade

Communications Specialist
Melanie handles press coverage for wildlife in the Pacific Northwest and Rockies and Plains, as well as Defenders' national work on the Endangered Species Act.

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Utah prairie dog, © James Phelps

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

NM Fish and Game’s War on Wolves Continues; Stopping the Plague from Plaguing Prairie Dogs; Living with Wolves; California Wolf Country; Salamanders Won’t Be Coming to the US Anytime Soon – but that’s a good thing

Gray wolf, © Tracy Brooks/USFWS

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

A blow to Mexican gray wolf recovery; Yellowstone’s plan to restore Bison instead of slaughter them; Nonlethal tools help Oregon’s wolves survive the 2015; Northern Rockies Fisher one step closer to getting protections they need; Wandering wolf OR-7 has a protégé

Bison and calf, © Sandy Sisti

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Proposal to Downlist Manatee; Bison catch a much deserved break; Pallid Sturgeon spared for now; New UCLA study on lobos’ historic range; A video we know you’ll love; Oregon Officials Take Wolf Plan Under Review; California fails to meet water targets – again