Melanie Gade

Communications Specialist
Melanie handles press coverage for wildlife in the Pacific Northwest and Rockies and Plains, as well as Defenders' national work on the Endangered Species Act.

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Red Wolf, ©USFWS/John and Karen Hollingsworth-Red Wolf-North Carolina

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

Turning to the Courts to Save Red Wolves; Oregon Wolves Removed From State Endangered Species Act; Public Lands Protected but What About the Desert Tortoise and Mojave Ground Squirrel? Morning Chat on Lobos

Elephants Marching, © Helen M. Mundell

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

White House Flooded with Calls in Support of Endangered Species; Washington State Voters Approve Initiative to Curb Wildlife Trafficking; It is too Soon to Remove State Endangered Species Protections for Oregon’s Wolves; Wyoming’s New Role in Ferret Recovery; Congress Passes Global Anti-Poaching Act