Jamie Rappaport Clark

President and CEO
Jamie Rappaport Clark is the President and CEO of Defenders of Wildlife, and former head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Jamie’s lifelong commitment to wildlife and conservation led her to choose a career in wildlife biology, and she came to Defenders after a 20-year career in conservation with the federal government. Jamie is recognized as a leading national expert on the Endangered Species Act and imperiled wildlife. She has testified before Congress on numerous occasions in support of strong fish and wildlife conservation laws. Her leadership and expertise have helped defeat numerous efforts to destroy the Endangered Species Act.

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Jamie Rappaport Clark, © Defenders of Wildlife

Hastings’ Endangered Species Act “Reform” is the movie “Groundhog Day” all over again »

Rep. Doc Hastings recently released a report and a set of proposals that would effectively gut the Endangered Species Act (ESA), severely curtailing the act’s ability to protect the nation’s most imperiled species. He calls it ESA “reform,” but the real goal of Rep. Hastings’ proposals is to drastically weaken or eliminate key protections in the ESA, long a goal of corporate special interests and polluters.

Bald eagle, © Miriam Stein

Affirming our All-American Conservation Values through the Endangered Species Act »

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, our nation’s landmark wildlife conservation law. Despite decades of success and many species saved from extinction, today the ESA is threatened by new and accelerating political threats to significantly undermine or weaken it and the potent spread of misinformation about its effectiveness.