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Right Whales, © Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock

Mom and Baby Whales On the Move! »

It’s calving season for endangered North Atlantic right whales, and that means mother whales and their calves are on the move. But even pregnant mothers and newborn right whales face a number of threats, so we’re working hard to make the ocean a safer place for the next generation of these endangered whales.

Sea Otter, © Roy Toft / National Geographic Stock

Room To Move »

After years of keeping it on the books, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is putting an official end to California’s “no otter zone.”

Humpback calf, © Caroline Good

Watching Whale Protections at Work »

As an environmental lawyer in Washington, D.C., much of my work involves the often invisible world of policy, laws, and court decisions. Every now and again, however, I have the incredible privilege of getting out to see the wildlife I work to protect. This past weekend, I got to do just that on a whale watching trip in one of the most important whale habitats on the East Coast of the United States—the waters off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.