Ya-Wei Li

Director of Endangered Species Conservation
Ya-Wei (Jake) is an environmental lawyer who specializes in endangered species law, policy, and science. He focuses on improving how the Endangered Species Act is implemented, so that it becomes more effective and efficient at conserving wildlife.

Posts By: Ya-Wei Li

Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, © Mark L Watson/Flickr

The Truth about the Texas Lizard “Conservation” Plan »

This imperiled lizard lives in Texas oil country – and its only protection is a conservation plan between Texas and USFWS that doesn’t describe how they’d be keeping the lizard safe. We took a closer look at what’s happening in the dunes sagebrush lizard’s habitat, and you won’t believe what we found.

Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge, © James Weliver/USFWS

Saving Common Cents »

The federal government never has enough money to protect endangered species. But what if it could accomplish a lot more with the money it already receives?