With MSNBC, Jeff Corwin discusses Defenders’ trip to Gulf »

On a Pensacola beach, with the oil sheen only 5 miles away, Defenders board members and NBC special correspondent Jeff Corwin tells MSNBC that while in the Gulf this week, friend Jamie Rappaport Clark told him, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s like armaggedon.'” Jeff discusses the heartbreaking rescue of wildlife such as brown pelicans, and what the spill means for Gulf habitat.

As oil approaches Pensacola, Jeff Corwin on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” »

As oil approaches the beaches of Pensacola, Defenders board members and NBC special correspondent Jeff Corwin discusses what the oil spill will mean for wetlands in Louisiana. “I pray that what I’ve been seeing in Louisiana does not find its way to the shores of Florida,” he says on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”(See Jeff at 5:20)

“Nest in Peace” – Leaving the Gulf »

It was final day in the Gulf for this trip, and after an early morning interview on camera with a local CBS affiliate we jumped back into the car (again) to head along the coast. We heard the reports that Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge had been hit with oil since the last time we were there. Knowing it’s sea turtle nesting season in that area, we decided to check in with the refuge staff and see what the impacts have been.

Christening, tern style »

  Least terns make up for in moxy what they lack in size. As I walked along the edge of a Gulfport, Mississippi, beach where terns were nesting, a whole cadre of bird-chaperones cautioned me to “watch it suckah!” A group of the tiny white birds hovered a few feet over my head, occasionally charging…. Read more »