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John Rudolf from the New York Times tracks the spill as it creeps closer to the Loop Current – the unpredictable ocean current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico through the Florida Keys and into the Atlantic.  The article has some excellent thermal images showing the loop current in relation to the oil spill…. Read more »

MMS’s complicity in Gulf oil disaster challenged in court »

Today, Defenders was joined by the Southern Environmental Law Center in filing a  lawsuit challenging the Minerals Management Service’s (MMS) complicity in the Gulf oil disaster and continued lax oversight of oil drilling operations, including its failure to require a thorough examination of spill risks from exploratory drilling operations like the Deepwater Horizon. The legal filing seeks… Read more »

“Stop the job” – sometimes »

Guest post by Nancy Gloman, vice president for Field Conservation at Defenders. This week finds me visiting our Florida office, where I have come to see what preparations are being made to handle impacts to wildlife and wildlife habitats when oil from the Gulf disaster inevitably comes ashore.  My week began with a trip to the Humane Society… Read more »

Oil disaster should provide momentum »

Global climate change is one of the biggest threats to our wildlife and natural resources, and yesterday Senators Kerry and Lieberman jumpstarted a legislative effort to address this problem that had been stalled for much too long. But in order to drive the country forward into a clean-energy future, legislation must wean us from fossil… Read more »