Funding must do more for wildlife »

Today the White House announced a set of priorities for emergency supplemental funding associated with the ongoing Gulf oil disaster. The package laudably focuses on steps to reassure consumers that seafood coming from the Gulf is safe, food aid and jobs assistance for people and communities affected by the oil spill, and raising liability caps and a 1 cent per gallon increase in the excise tax on oil companies to fund the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund that will eventually repay the cost to the taxpayer to clean up this mess.

However, on the day when the government announced that the first dead marine mammals affected by the spill have washed up on Gulf beaches, more needs to be done for wildlife.

News Roundup – Wildlife Impacts »

Today’s new round-up talks about the growing concern over the chemical dispersants being used and how little is known about how it will affect wildlife, sea mammals that are starting to wash up on shore, and how grooming your pet can help save wildlife.