Oil spill threatens wildlife and outdoor recreation »

It’s big. It’s bad. And it’s coming to the coastlines of some of America’s best beaches. I wish I were talking about a Jimmy Buffett tour, instead of the ongoing Gulf oil spill. Who hasn’t seen the headlines about British Petroleum’s failed attempts at capping the gushing flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico… Read more »

Bear witness at Bird Island with Jamie Clark »

Join Jamie Rappaport Clark on her latest trip to the Gulf to bear witness to the devastating consequences the oil spill is having on wildlife such as the brown pelican. In this video, Jamie visits Bird Island off the coast of Louisiana, a “magnificent pelican rookery” critically important to nesting birds in the region. Hear Jamie describe the effects the spill is taking on these birds, and the efforts of response teams trying to protect them.

What about the whales? »

Sperm whales, which can weigh up to 60 tons and reach 60 feet in length, reside year-round in the Gulf of Mexico. Their strong attraction to specific areas for breeding and feeding may override any tendency for them to avoid noxious oil, and several whales have already been spotted swimming through oily, contaminated waters.