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Sea Bear in Serious Trouble »

Are polar bears becoming the real bad news bears? Today, Defenders released a new report that takes a look at the status of polar bears in Alaska and the ongoing threats posed by climate change. But while the world’s only marine bear is in serious trouble, Defenders offers a list of actions that – if undertaken soon – could be the key to saving this Arctic icon.

Preserving Polar Bears for Our Children »

My son Carson is eleven years old. And though at times he may think he’s a grown up, he still has many years ahead of him before he’s an adult. Like most parents, I want my child to have the same opportunities I had growing up — which is why it breaks my heart to think that by the time he’s my age, one of America’s most iconic creatures could be gone forever — the polar bear.

Live from Cancun: Helping Ecosystems Adapt to Climate Change »

Which way to the beach? Read Defender’s own Noah Matson’s latest report from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change talks, where he’s staying out of the sand and instead focusing on how we can best protect ecosystems like coral reefs and wetlands – and the services they provide to people and wildlife alike – from the devastating impacts of climate change.