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Species Spotlight: Canada Lynx »

A glimpse of its stubby tail or tufted ears and you may mistake a Canada lynx for its bobcat cousin, but this big cat is more adept at navigating the deep, snow-packed forests of Canada and a handful of our northern states, including Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota and Maine.

Defenders’ Spring 2011 Magazine is Here! »

Take a look at the leaner greener Defenders. Check out “A Bird’s Eye View” on climate change to see the startling impacts already occurring. Get some good news on Mexican wolves. And celebrate other wildlife successes thanks to you, our great members and activists.

BREAKING: Senate Votes to Protect American Health »

The U.S. Senate voted down four amendments today that would strip the EPA of its ability to regulate the emission of greenhouse gas pollution that causes climate change and threatens the health of our communities and natural resources.