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Birds at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, © Bob Miller

Refuges in Peril »

Each year that our national wildlife refuge system is underfunded means lost opportunities to help endangered species, educate the public and maintain our nation’s wild places.

Sage-Grouse on Lek, © Diana LeVasseur

Sage-Grouse in the Crosshairs »

This month, legislation was introduced in the House and the Senate, euphemistically named “Sage Grouse Protection and Conservation Act,” that would muck up the listing process for sage-grouse by allowing states to bar the federal government from even considering the species for protection for at least 10 years.

Jamie Rappaport Clark, © Defenders of Wildlife

What Happened to Stewardship in Congress? »

Today, many of our political leaders have lost sight of their stewardship responsibility to the American public. Instead of conserving and protecting America’s natural resources, many members in Congress seem primarily focused on short term economic gain, regardless of the environmental consequences.