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Yellowstone Bison, © Neal Herbert

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

Local Citizens Monitor Elusive Wildlife; Bison as America’s National Mammal; NDAA Once Again Loaded Down With Anti-Wildlife Riders; Wildlife Trafficking Bill Passes Colorado House; Mexican Gray Wolf Milestone

Wolf, © Didier J. Lindsey

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

Grizzlies, Wolves, and the Endangered Species Act; Cameroon Takes a Stand for Elephants; Recovery of World’s Most Endangered Sea Turtle Falters; Defenders Says “Stop” on Solar Development; Wildlife Bills Move Forward in the California State Senate

Jaguar, © Barry Draper

The Long-awaited Return »

With one solitary jaguar back in the U.S., and plans in the works to move its conservation forward, could we soon see a real return of this long-absent native species?

American Avocet, © Dan Walters

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

Vieques National Wildlife Refuge under Attack! Déjà vu — Izembek National Wildlife Refuge under Attack Again; Glowing gillnets may keep sea turtles safer; A Record Low: 100 Attacks on the Endangered Species Act