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Right whales, © Sea to Shore Alliance/NOAA, NOAA permit #15488

The Sound of Seismic »

Ear-shattering explosions echo through the ocean. Dolphins, whales and sea turtles scatter, trying to get away from the source of the noise. What’s making this deafening sound? Seismic testing.

Mexican gray wolf, © Wolf Conservation Center

It’s Hard out Here for a Lobo »

The FWS stood up to New Mexico on wolf releases. Now they need to sit down with the breeding facilities and plan for an aggressive number of releases of adults and pups in 2017 – a number that makes up for years of foot-dragging, and for this year’s temporary ban on releases in New Mexico.

florida manatees, © Paul Nicklen/NGS

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-up »

More Trouble for Florida Manatees; Take a Stand against Deadly Wildlife Trafficking; A Small Step Forward for Montana Fishers; A Fascinatingly Ugly Frog; Florida Works on Learning to Live with Bears; Toe to Toe with the Wyoming Toad; What Comes Next for Yellowstone Grizzlies?