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Baby Ocelot/FWS

There’s a new kitten in town: Baby Ocelot brings hope to struggling population in Texas refuge »

The new kitten in Texas has a special place in our hearts because several years ago Defenders helped revegetate habitat needed by ocelots in Texas and worked to stop the Border Patrol from removing vegetation and installing huge lighting arrays, which would have fragmented habitat and potentially disrupted ocelot behavior. These days, we continue to work to protect ocelots and jaguars as they struggle to recolonize their habitat in the U.S.

175 Foot Jaguar Marches Up Tucson’s A Mountain »

Defenders of Wildlife’s staff and supporters help celebrate the first annual BEYOND Tucson events and raise awareness for jaguars by carrying a 175 jaguar tapestry up A Mountain in Sentinel Peak Park. These events commemorate the sense of community and unity felt by the citizens of Tucson after the tragic shootings on January 8, 2011.