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yellowstone wolf, © Barrett Hedges/NGS

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Rally For Mexican Gray Wolves Next Tuesday; First Red Wolves Born In The U.S. This Year; Wolf Science –“Tolerant Dogs And Aggressive Wolves”; Keeping the Pressure on Congress.

Mexican gray wolf, © Jim Clark/USFWS

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Wildlife Biologists Looking for Opportunities to Improve Genetics of Highly Imperiled Mexican Gray Wolves; Dances with Wolves Screenwriter Michael Blake Passes Away; Congress Continues its Campaign Against Wolves

Captive Mexican wolf, © Don Burkett

Wolf Weekly Wrap Up »

This is certainly progress, but by no means are Mexican gray wolves recovered; they still remain the most endangered subspecies of wolf in the entire world. Nonetheless, we are encouraged by the fortitude of these amazing, iconic wolves over the past 17 years. Now we need to ensure that the Fish and Wildlife Service does right by the lobos and makes a plan for long-term recovery so that we can celebrate the presence of wild lobos for years to come!