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yellowstone wolf, © Barrett Hedges/NGS

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Rally For Mexican Gray Wolves Next Tuesday; First Red Wolves Born In The U.S. This Year; Wolf Science –“Tolerant Dogs And Aggressive Wolves”; Keeping the Pressure on Congress.

Wolf, © Sandy Sisti

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Japanese researchers released a study this month showing that gray wolves use their eyes to communicate with each other. The team of scientists examined the eyes of over 20 different types of canid species – including wolves, foxes, dogs – concluding that those animals with the most visible eyes are also the most social animals.

Wolves, © Eilish Palmer

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Montana proposes excessive new wolf quota for landowners; Notes from this week’s successful tours of Idaho’s Wood River Wolf Project; Stand up for endangered red wolves; With your help, we are putting pressure on Governor Otter in Idaho.

Wolf 06, © Doug McLaughlin

Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up »

Join us next week for workshops, demonstrations and tours of Idaho’s Wood River Wolf Project; Wolves continue to expand into new areas in Oregon; One year after the proposal to remove federal protection for wolves; Help us run pro-wolf ads in Idaho.