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reef manta ray, ©Shiyam ElkCloner

Peru Makes Way For Mantas! »

Peru has decided to ring in the new year with new protections for the giant manta ray! The new regulations, combined with a growing global effort to protect mantas, may help the species begin to recover from decades of over-exploitation.

Plastic trash, ©Angelo Villagomez/Marine Photobank

Plastic Threats to Wildlife »

More than 250 species of fish, sea turtles, marine birds, seals, whales and dolphins have suffered from eating or becoming entangled in marine debris from plastics. It’s up to us to put an end to our plastic waste.

macaw, © Juan Carlos Cantu/Defenders of Wildlife

A Decade of Wildlife Trade »

Latin America has incredible biodiversity, including thousands of species endemic to the region. But this array of species is being impacted by exploitation for both legal and illegal trade. We recently analyzed ten years of data on all shipments of wildlife and wildlife products from Latin America that were denied entry to the United States. What we found might surprise you.

Bison and calf, © Sandy Sisti

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up »

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Proposal to Downlist Manatee; Bison catch a much deserved break; Pallid Sturgeon spared for now; New UCLA study on lobos’ historic range; A video we know you’ll love; Oregon Officials Take Wolf Plan Under Review; California fails to meet water targets – again