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Dry riverbed, © NOAA

California Drought Legislation Must Strike a Balance To Protect Fish and Wildlife, Too »

California is currently experiencing the worst water crisis in the state’s modern history, with three consecutive years of extremely dry weather. Although a recent storm – the first of this year’s wet season – provided some relief, California still has a long, long way to go to get back to normal. To put this in historical perspective, February 2012 – January 2014 marked the driest such 24-month period on record.

Chinook Salmon, © Dave Bickford

Reaching out for wildlife in California »

The Lower Calaveras River, near Sacramento, is one of the most dramatically altered rivers in California, yet provides critical habitat to threatened fish and wildlife, including Fall Run Chinook Salmon and steelhead. Our California team works to teach the local community about the value of this river running through their neighborhood.

Salmon, © J. Cook Fisher/Flickr

Doubling Down on Salmon Destruction »

Representatives Don Young and Jeff Denham tag team to try sabotage salmon recovery, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds protections from harmful gold mining practices, and a NYT op-ed reiterates the importance of saving species from extinction.