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Right Whales, © Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock

A Victory for Endangered Atlantic Whales »

Entanglement in fishing lines is a serious threat to endangered whales in the Atlantic. Now, thanks to years of work in the courts, the National Marine Fisheries Service has to formally review this threat and address how it impacts these endangered species.

Right Whales, © Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock

Mom and Baby Whales On the Move! »

It’s calving season for endangered North Atlantic right whales, and that means mother whales and their calves are on the move. But even pregnant mothers and newborn right whales face a number of threats, so we’re working hard to make the ocean a safer place for the next generation of these endangered whales.

Beluga , © Luca Galuzzi

A Magic Number for Cook Inlet Belugas »

Cook Inlet beluga whales are the most isolated population of these majestic animals. Each year, a population survey helps us understand more about their decline, and hopefully brings us a step closer to recovery. But this year’s survey brought a surprise.