Reef shark, © Ed Gullekson

Shark (Fact) Attack »

Whether you love them or fear them, sharks get a lot of attention every summer when vacationers hit the beach and shark encounters make the news.

Red wolf, © Taylor Wilson

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-up »

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Need ESA Protection; Hey FWS: Stop Killing the World’s Most Endangered Wolf!; No Bear Hunt in Florida This Year; California and Washington Get New Additions; Too Much Trade, Not Enough Amphibians; Grizzly Cub Killed by a Car

Madagascar tomato frog, © Brian Gratwicke

Save Amphibians! (From Us) »

Nearly one-third of all 6,400 known amphibian species are threatened with extinction, making them the most endangered group of animals in the world. And although the threats to amphibians are as varied as the species themselves, one common driving factor impacting species around the globe is the extreme exploitation for international trade.

Military macaw, © Dick Daniels

A Military Victory »

Researchers, local communities and conservation organizations worked together on this exceptional project, which helped protect 22 military macaw nests from poaching this year!