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Join Hands Tomorrow! »

You don’t have to live on the ocean to value clean waters, beaches and healthy marine ecosystems. That’s why people around the world will join hands on beaches and in cities tomorrow for the second annual “Hands Across the Sand” event, a demonstration of opposition to expanding offshore drilling and support for cleaner energy choices.

Oil boom, © Krista Schyler/Defenders

BREAKING: Congress Serves American Coasts to Big Oil on Silver Platter »

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed the third bill in a series of three fast-track drilling pieces that favors Big Oil profits over safety of coastal communities and environments. H.R. 1231 does not solve our gas price problem, but it does put at risk hundreds of thousands of jobs that rely on clean coastal waters. It also threatens thousands of miles of coastal habitat and exposes countless bird and marine species to the dangers of offshore drilling.

Congress Votes for Big Oil Over Gulf – AGAIN »

The House of Representatives today passed the second reckless drilling bill in a series of three. Ironically called “Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work,” HR 1229 eliminates important safety and environmental considerations and gives experts far too little time to adequately evaluate the safety and environmental implications of drilling – exactly the type of reckless protocol that contributed to the disastrous BP Deepwater Horizon explosion.