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Karner Blue Butterfly, © John & Karen Hollingsworth/USFWS

Making Every Penny Count »

Trying to stretch every dollar to do more with less is a familiar dilemma. Unfortunately, it’s an all too familiar one for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and other federal agencies trying to recover over 2,100 species listed under the Endangered Species Act. Given this harsh reality, it’s more important than ever that we prioritize recovery actions to give the most endangered species their best chance for survival.

Solar facility, © NREL

Two Too Many Development Projects in the Ivanpah Valley »

While these projects most definitely directly impact a species that has been identified as threatened and is dependent on the habitat where they would be built, Silver State South and Stateline’s approval is most troubling for a bigger reason. You see, this isn’t just an issue for the Ivanpah Valley. Developers and agencies need to be conscious of how and where they plan energy projects all across the country. They need to look at renewable energy planning with a landscape-wide lens, understanding that building in the right places and making an effort to minimize environmental impacts from the start are essential.

Desert Tortoise, © Beth Jackson USFWS

It’s all adding up in Ivanpah »

Within the Mojave, the Ivanpah Valley has been identified as a critical link between conservation areas for one of the region’s most endangered inhabitants, the desert tortoise. At the same time, the Ivanpah Valley is also under mounting pressure from development of many kinds, including such land use impacts as multiple high-acreage renewable energy projects, electricity and gas transmission lines, a wastewater treatment project, airport and a high-speed rail line.