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Black-footed ferret, © Kylie Paul/Defenders of Wildlife

Black-footed Ferrets in the Centennial State »

Progress for the endangered black-footed ferret has been slow, with several setbacks along the way. But in the Centennial State, biologists, agency officials, landowners and nonprofits like Defenders are working together to forge a future for these imperiled animals.

Sage-grouse, © Jean Bjerke

Defenders Day on the Lek »

We hit the road this spring to join a group of wildlife watchers enamored by sage-grouse. Two vans full of Defenders supporters and staff joined colleagues at Conservation Colorado for the fourth annual Sagebrush Safari: Greater Sage-Grouse Lek Tour in Craig, Colorado.

Why Did the Lynx Cross the Road? »

Here’s a better question: did it make it to the other side? Each year, thousands of animals are killed while crossing Colorado’s busy highways. In this ARC Wildlife Crossing Design Competition, designers were rewarded for coming up with creative ways to make roads safer for people and wildlife. See who came out on top!