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Solar facility, © NREL

Two Too Many Development Projects in the Ivanpah Valley »

While these projects most definitely directly impact a species that has been identified as threatened and is dependent on the habitat where they would be built, Silver State South and Stateline’s approval is most troubling for a bigger reason. You see, this isn’t just an issue for the Ivanpah Valley. Developers and agencies need to be conscious of how and where they plan energy projects all across the country. They need to look at renewable energy planning with a landscape-wide lens, understanding that building in the right places and making an effort to minimize environmental impacts from the start are essential.

Protect Our National Forests… And the Wildlife That Calls Them Home »

In an outrageous move, the Obama administration has proposed a new plan for our national forests, setting aside vital protections that have protected the homes of lynx and other imperiled wildlife since Ronald Reagan was president. Please take action to save our national forests today.

Jaguar Decision Delayed »

Jaguars once widely roamed from South America across the Southwest to Texas. But habitat loss, population growth and over hunting have taken a heavy toll on these spotted felines.