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Everglades Cypress, © NPS

Acting for the Everglades »

The Everglades region is a biodiversity hotspot, a World Heritage Site, a vital habitat for countless imperiled species, and more. But it also needs help from humans to stay healthy, so our Florida office has been hard at work making sure that the state legislature makes protecting the Everglades a priority.

Saving Florida Panther Could Get a Big Boost »

Save the Florida Panther Week may be drawing to a close, but efforts to restore healthy populations of big cats to the southeast are far from over. Listen to Defenders’ Elizabeth Fleming discuss a plan that, if successful, could help usher panthers down the road to recovery.

Salazar Makes Surprise Announcement at Everglades Conference »

Attendees of the 26th Annual Everglades Coalition Conference this weekend received some unexpected good news when Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced the proposal to create a new national wildlife refuge and conservation area south of Orlando – a move that would improve water quality and protect endangered species like the Florida panther.

It’s Getting Hot in the Greater Everglades »

Just one day before the start of the 26th annual Everglades Coalition conference, the Endangered Species Coalition has named the Greater Everglades Ecosystem as one of the top 10 places to save in the United States for wildlife, fish and plants on the brink of extinction.