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Mule deer, © Charlie Denton/USFS

Refuge in the Forest »

Refuges aren’t the only public lands vital to wildlife — our national forests provide havens for any number of threatened and endangered species. That’s why we have to make sure that the programs that keep national forests healthy for wildlife are kept, not cut.

Birds, © James P. Blair / National Geographic Stock

Preserving Grace and Beauty in Our Skies »

Migratory birds are a vital part of ecosystems across the U.S. and a boon to the economy. But the program that protects these winged visitors from disease, abuse, habitat loss and other threats is on the verge of being cut. You can help by taking action!

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, © Gary Garton

Refuges on the Edge »

The National Wildlife Refuge System — the backbone of our nation’s efforts to protect our unique and irreplaceable wildlife heritage — already operates on half the budget it needs. Now see what the fiscal cliff could mean for our refuges.