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Tracking whale sharks with Jeff Corwin »

Join Defenders of Wildlife board member Jeff Corwin as he continues to document how the Gulf oil disaster will impact wildlife in the region. In this Nightly News piece with MSNBC’s Brian Williams, Jeff dives right in to check on the health of the largest fish on the planet: the whale shark.

Oases in the Gulf (Part 2): Sea life threatened by oil at Sargassum ‘islands’ »

One objective for David Lee on his June cruise through the eastern Gulf aboard the R/V F. G. Walton Smith was to evaluate the condition of Sargassum followingthe Deepwater Horizon spill. His findings were well beyond troubling. Although petroleum hydrocarbon residues are often found in trace amounts in Sargassum and its larger associated fauna (after all, both oil and the alga collect into patches from the same currents), what Dave encountered was more like the Black Death. Nothing could live in the noxious stew of oil and alga that he found.