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Desert Tortoise, © Beth Jackson USFWS

It’s all adding up in Ivanpah »

Within the Mojave, the Ivanpah Valley has been identified as a critical link between conservation areas for one of the region’s most endangered inhabitants, the desert tortoise. At the same time, the Ivanpah Valley is also under mounting pressure from development of many kinds, including such land use impacts as multiple high-acreage renewable energy projects, electricity and gas transmission lines, a wastewater treatment project, airport and a high-speed rail line.

Wolf, © Didier J. Lindsey

Wolf Weekly Wrap-up »

For all of those that haven’t heard, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the rescheduled dates for the remainder of the public hearings. Yes, this means you still have time to submit your comments telling the Fish and Wildlife Service to maintain federal protections for gray wolves until they are fully recovered in places like Colorado, the Northwest, and California, and to implement a real recover plan for Mexican gray wolves.

Prairie, © Jim Brandenburg / National Geographic Stock

A Shutdown Shame »

The government shutdown is wreaking havoc on federal programs across the nation. The agencies, people and programs that work hard to conserve our land and wildlife are no exception.