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Photo by Ian M Dutton

Wolf Weekly Wrap Up »

Congressman DeFazio requests wolf protection zone outside Yellowstone National Park; Great news for wolves in Washington; Update on Idaho’s wolf control board; Washington’s residents want wolves protected; Update on pups rescued from Alaska fire.

Noble Wolf, © Larry Gambon

Idaho has declared a war on wolves »

Nearly 20 years ago, I served on the team that carefully captured and released the first wolves in Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. Though this reintroduction effort was heralded internationally as a significant American achievement in the recovery of endangered species, we’re in a far different place today, and especially in Idaho.

Mexican Gray Wolf, © Scott S. Warren / National Geographic Stock

Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up »

You did it! Public outcry prompts Animal Planet to remove “Man-Eating Super Wolves” show; Defenders wolf expert Suzanne Stone shares her story; Alaska firefighters rescue wolf pups threatened by fire.