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sandhill cranes, © USFWS/Paul Boyte

Wildlife Refuges Under Attack »

Many of California’s wildlife refuges are vital to migrating birds as they travel up or down the coast. What will this year’s drought mean for these travelers as many of the state’s few remaining wetlands dry up?

Migrating birds, © Jen Bullock

More Room for Wildlife in San Joaquin County »

The expansion debate of San Joaquin Wildlife Refuge is underway, with an opportunity to protect more than 325 fish and wildlife species on the line. Yet fears and misinformation threaten to halt this effort, placing both wildlife and wetlands in danger.

Birds, © James P. Blair / National Geographic Stock

Preserving Grace and Beauty in Our Skies »

Migratory birds are a vital part of ecosystems across the U.S. and a boon to the economy. But the program that protects these winged visitors from disease, abuse, habitat loss and other threats is on the verge of being cut. You can help by taking action!