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Preparing Refuges for Rising Waters »

As sea level rise threatens to inundate America’s east coast, Blackwater and Alligator Rivers National Wildlife Refuges face the very real threat of disappearing into the sea. What does that mean for the wildlife they support, and what actions can we take to help?

Outlook (K)not Good »

For these shorebirds, it’s a situation gone from bad to worse: already the victim of plummeting populations, new research reveals that red knot numbers have continued to drop dramatically. With numbers now at their lowest, is there still time to save them?

Oil disaster extends reach of damage to Canada »

Migratory birds returning to the Gulf of Mexico after a summer spent in Canada’s Boreal Forest have no idea what’s in store for them when they touch down. By October, large numbers of ducks will flock south, ready to spend the winter in Louisiana marshlands typically rich with food. What impacts will a Gulf vastly different from that of last year have on these birds?