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Hammerhead shark, © Barry Peters

Man Bites Shark »

It’s a “man bites shark” story. Despite sharks’ fearsome reputation, which has caused many a beachgoer a frisson of fear, in truth, sharks are in far more danger from humans than humans are from sharks.

Going to Extremes »

The extremes just keep coming in the weather world – from droughts and forest fires to the wettest springs on record and massive flooding. How are policymakers responding to this? Unfortunately, by going to some extremes of their own.

Back in the Gulf: Where the Turquoise Water Ends »

Just over one year since the BP oil disaster began, Defenders’ chief scientist Chris Haney is headed back out into the deep Gulf of Mexico – this time on NOAA research vessel the Gordon Gunter. Read on as he embarks to study seabirds and the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.