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Removing deadly debris in Florida »

The morning of Sept. 20, Defenders of Wildlife staff and volunteers met at the Redington Long Pier on Redington Shores Beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida for another coastal cleanup. Due to an increase in the number of sea turtle entanglements under this pier, we were targeting underwater marine debris and monofilament fishing line. When we arrived, all of the abandoned monofilament line and hooks could be seen hanging from the pier like tinsel on a Christmas tree…

Remembering what we saw »

Yesterday, the Huffington Post featured a great blog by Rick Cleveland, Emmy-winning television writer, playwright and monologuist. In the piece, titled The Sound and the Fury of Tiny Flippers, Cleveland described his horror at the Gulf oil disaster, and relentless need to help clean up the mess. His determination took him from spectator, to funding relief efforts to providing on-the-ground assistance with turtle nest relocation.